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Serena & Keri Wedding

Serena & Keri Wedding

Published on: October 27, 2019 By Yanina Haddad Martínez In: Weddings

From the first day I met them, at the Bar of Mousai Hotel, I said: "Woow"!! What a beaitiful couple!! Very funny and happy during our first conversation about their wedding.  Who they were, how they had met, what they wanted for their ceremony and how they visualized their wedding.

On the day of wedding, it was fantastic to see them go down the stairs!! Nervous but happy!!

There was a lot of Love vibrating in the atomosphere. And a lot of joy and happiness both in the family and the friends who accompanied them.

Framed by a spectacular sunset, it has been one of the most emotional weddings I have ever experienced!!


Yanina Haddad / Wedding Planner & Celebrant