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Corporate Events

What are they?.. How do we can clasify them?...

Published on: May 02, 2017 By Yanina Haddad In: Corporate

Corporate Events and how are they clasified

The Corporate Events with important scheduled events that companies perform with different objectives. For example: Increase sales, award recognition to the best sellers or researchers, launch a new product or advertise the brand, reinforce the loyalty of its customers, better integrate their collaborators, celebrate achievements or anniversaries, etc.

Generally, behind these events tehre is some companyspecialized in the subject like us, yo help the logistics and organzation of these. And ensures that the objetives are carried out wthin the designated budget.

How do they can be clasified?..

1) Launches and presentations of products. There must be a lot of press and media presence here. It all depends on the marketing area.

2) Symposia. Here we address specific issues. There are several speakers who pfresent their topics in a given time.

3) Working Days. It is similar to the Congresses, it lasts 1 or 2 days and tries to strengthen the bonds between the participants including playful or professional activities.

4) Conferences. Generally they are called by associations, organizations or an entity that wants to present its opinion on a relevant subject. They are meetings that allow several formats and in many of the times there is presence of press and means.

5) Conventions. It is a meeting of different people from different cities, in order to exchange ideas and make decisions. Usually all belong to the same sector or company. The event can last for several days and may also include recreational activities.

6) Workshops. They are meetings with interactive activities between the participants and the expert in the matter. The companies used them a lot to instruct their collaborators or to present new projects o products/services. And they can be part of another event as a Convention, because its duration is maximum of 4 hours.}

7) Directors Meeting. They are usually brief meetings and serve to encourage decision making and the presentation of business results.

8) Forums. In this format, all the participants contribute their opinion on a topic. Like a round table. Generally organized at the end of a Symposium. And the use of a moderator is recommended.

9) Congresses. They are usually organized  by associations or entities. About a specific topic. And its long-term its launched. Participants can be from various companies or areas related to the topic to be addressed. An it can include workshops, forums and recreational activities.

10) Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. They are also called by large organizations or associations to present new products/services and increase sales and presence. The presence of the media and the press is also important.


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