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Gastronomy for Events

Gourmet trends in events and Food Lovers

Published on: April 10, 2017 By Yanina Haddad In: Corporate

Gourmet trends in events and Food Lovers

Increasingly, the trend of "Food Lovers" is emphasizing their events. Wether weddings or bussines.

It is important to note that in Puerto Vallarta the "Gastronomic Tourism" is a big itemand growing every day. It has been considered the 2nd most important Gourmet destination in México, after Mexico City. Even for several years now, it is the birth place of the famous International Gourmet Festival, where chefs and experts of world-class are summoned with the objective of bringing to the palates of the diners, the delicacies and ingredients and products that are given in this region.

Nowadays, in the area of events (of all kinds), experts in the field are also present, to delight and create unforgettable experiences in the attendants, who increasingly become "foodies" or "food lovers".  So, it's not uncommom to see expert chefs, mixologists, sommeliers, barists, etc. It's nice to see more often, the incredible dessert tables followed with various coffee barsfor example. Or rustic bread variety tables with varous jams and cheeses. Accompanied by some nuts and caramelized fruits. or enjouy the main dinner menus including more than 4 or 5 Gourmet tasting times creating a true dining experience.

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