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In times of Covid19

What to do in times of Covid19- May, 2020

Published on: May 26, 2020 By Yanina Haddad Martínez In: Corporate

Hello!! I am very pleased to greet you and I hope you are well during this period of quarantine that we have had.

Let me tell you that this time has been a challenge for us; several events were rescheduled for an indefinite date in 2021, others were already rescheduled for November and December. We continue to work on maintaining updated our relationships with suppliers and allies to give you the best service as always; but now with new measures to prevent contagion. We already have our Safety and Hygiene Protocols ready for when we fully return to action.

I also tell you that I’ve been working together with my colleagues, wedding and event planners and a local foundation. We have been raising funds from donations and help to buy and distribute pantries among the employees of our suppliers that were most affected, by this time of lack of events and work. So, we have helped 113 families two weeks ago and 145 families this week. If you like and are in a position to make a donation in favor of these event industry workers, please contact me and I will gladly share the information to receive donations, both locally and abroad.

During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many things !! And I hope that you are also taking advantage of the time, while we cannot go out so much. For example, I was finishing a Gestalt Therapy Workshop that is part of my Life Coach training; I was taking several webinars about leadership, sales, marketing and even solar panel installations, electrified fences, alarms and cameras. closed circuit (which is a second company that I manage together with my husband. A company dedicated to these things of Safety and Clean Energies). I had time to tidy up and clean spaces at home that I hardly ever paid attention to; I gave myself the opportunity to start some Arabic dance classes online and I even became a bit of a fan, of cooking videos. And obviously the best thing was to put in practice the new recipes learned !! I was very excited doing my first “Zoom wedding” as a spiritual minister !! It was very emotional and beautiful !! Also, I took the time to reconnect with my family, which is the important part of my life. With my mom, my children and my husband. Picking up old friendships and staying in touch on electronic platforms has been fantastic !! And even relaxing watching my favorite series and movies on Netflix has been great !!


With all this, I want to tell you that Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and many other tourist destinations in Mexico, we are ready to receive visitors again! That we will be happy to continue accompanying you in the planning process of your wedding or event. And help you reschedule new dates for you. I send you a virtual hug with affection and I wish you to take advantage of all the opportunities that life gives us to be resilient, to improve, to be more human and more compassionate with the rest of the world and with the planet and nature. Let’s stay in touch!!